Strength and vitality for fish and shrimps

AlgeaFeed can be a valuable aid in the diet of fish and shrimp. If used as an additive in their feed, it increases the vitamin and mineral intake in a balanced manner1.

The trace elements present in AlgeaFeed seaweed meals are completely natural and already include natural chelating agents, and are thus more easily assimilated than synthetic products.
Good fibre intake can rid the gut of food residues, avoiding the risk of bowel obstruction, a common condition in different species of fish. Vitamins contribute to the health, growth and vitality of aquaculture fish, increasing resistance to stress.
Furthermore, the particular formulation of AlgeaFeed Fish allows the food to be available in the fish tank for longer, without dissolving rapidly when in contact with water and to be more visible, thanks to its low disintegration rate.


1 - Effects of algae meal as feed additive on growth, feed efficiency, and body composition in Red Sea Bream – Mustafa G. et Al.