From nature to nature, through innovation: Geapower technology

Producing more and with fewer resources is the challenge of our time. At Algea, we believe this can be achieved only through scientific innovation; we follow the innovative path of excellence developed by Valagro, which consists of four thorough stages:


1 - Knowledge of and access to raw materials


We carefully select the sites for harvesting, taking the seaweed from natural sites at the most appropriate moment to get the highest concentration of active ingredients. We only go back to the same place after 4 or 5 years, for seaweed to have enough time to grow again.

2 - Choosing the extraction methods


For each raw material and for each active ingredient it contains, our researchers select and develop the most effective extraction method based on the solution that needs to be achieved. This is made possible by the scientific skill and advanced equipment that can exploit the substances extracted without altering them.

3 - Implementation of investigative strategies


The process of identifying and chemically characterizing substances contained in the extracts obtained from the raw materials takes place in our laboratories. We precisely identify the nature and quantity of the numerous substances contained in the plant extract, making use of various different instruments and forms of analysis.
We know the composition of Ascophyllum nodosum at 95% as we have also featured its active ingredients to an infinitesimal extent.

4 - Solutions for the intended use


In-depth knowledge of the different needs of each sector of application enables us to take things one step further: Combining the various active ingredients to get the most out of the synergistic effect and increase their results.
There is innovation not only in the products but also at our industrial plants in Norway, each of which is dedicated to specific production. Being close to harvesting sites is crucial as it allows us to check the production chain thoroughly thus avoiding long transportation times to other plants and extended periods of storage, which would entail a deterioration of the raw material. Seaweed is processed within 24 hours of harvest to keep their active ingredients at their best.