Weight management

If the main cause of obesity is found in an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise, it can be easily corrected: do regular exercise and choose a more balanced diet, possibly using functional foods or food supplements, great solutions to fight overweight and obesity.

According to some 2007 data, 25% of the U.S. population are obese and 35% of European children (2010 data) are overweight.

Of course, there are cases where obesity is caused by genetic factors, infections, hormonal changes and other disorders, in which case medical treatment is necessary.
Seaweed-based functional foods and supplements make up a good aid when fighting weight excess.
This has been demonstrated by our lab tests.

As a matter of fact, Algeafood Phyto was tried in two animal models, mice and rats, following hyper caloric, high fat diet, with positive results in terms of reduction of fat deposition, clearly visible at MRI (ask for more information) and It was tried with healthy human volunteers. We obtained very positive results in term of silhouette reshaping and reducing triglyceride levels.
As well as efficacy test of our ingredients, we also ran several tests including functional foods and supplements, getting really positive results.