Cutting edge ingredient to help against redness and irritated skin

The human skin has barrier effect function, in order to answer to challenges from outside environment (pathogens and chemicals), that helps the skin to remain healthy and younger. At these challenges from environment, stress or wrong nutrition the skin answers with inflammation part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli.

The skin starts to slowly lose its barrier effect and become red colored. So to actively combat redness it is necessary to:

  1. Act against inflammation
  2. Act on Derma

Fucoidans are sulphated polysaccharides, secondary constituents of the algal wall cell. Their chemical composition of the polymer are strictly correlated to abiotic stress factors (currents and tides). They play a role in algal cell wall organization (Kloareg 1988) and prevention of desiccation in low tides (Evans 1989).
Fucoidans, polysaccharides cointained in brown seaweed can help to inhibit MMP expression, induced by UVB (Moon, 2009). They can help to stimulate dermal fibroblast proliferation and ECM (extracellular matrix) deposition (Senni, 2006