A professional approach to soften the signs of aging

Our body's skin is continually exposed to inclement weather. To keep it healthy, a healthy lifestyle is key, avoiding smoke and dietary excesses, and getting an adequate and regular amount of sleep. Prolonged exposure to sun or using harsh soaps can also make it more fragile.

However knowing how to take care of ourselves still does not stop us from ageing. Skin becomes thinner, more fragile and subject to wrinkles and facial fine lines.
"Crows feet" are very common around the eyes, where skin is thinner, then there are "worry lines", or the horizontal lines across the forehead, as well as the fine lines around the nose, mouth and lips called "laughter lines". All emerge with the passing of time and intensify as we get older.
Other than wrinkles, skin ageing involves irregular pigmentation, the appearance of dark marks, deterioration of the hydro lipid film and tissue relaxation.
On a cellular level, this means a reduction in fibroblasts, collagen and elastin, which make up 80% of the dermis and determine its suppleness, whilst the enzymatic process deteriorating connective tissues intensifies.

The ingredients in the AlgeaEsthe line help skin be more compact and firm. In particular, the algal polymers contained in the product promote a greater synthesis of collagen and elastin.
If used regularly, AlgeaEsthe ingredients for cosmetics nourish and help protect the skin, making it less vulnerable to the passing of time.